FOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action at CR10

Lipton Arts is pleased to announce that FOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action opened on August 8th, 2015 at CR10 Contemporary Arts Project Space near Hudson, NY. It runs through September 5th, 2015. Gallery hours are 12 Р6pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment.

The artists included are Joan Bankemper/Black Meadow Barn; Dan Devine; EcoArtTech- Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint; Joy Garnett; Habitat For Artists Collective (Simon Draper, Michael Asbill, Carmen Acuna, Jessica Poser); Natalie Jeremijenko; Lenore Malen, Kristyna and Marek Milde; Peter Nadin/Old Field Farm; Andrea Reynosa, Jenna Spevack, Susan Leibovitz Steinman; Elaine Tin Nyo; Tattfoo Tan, and Linda Weintraub. Artist and Curator, Francine Hunter McGivern is the Founding and Creative Director of CR10 at 283 County Route 10 Linlithgo, Columbia County, NY.DDevineSheep FarmThe Story of Xavier








FOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action originated at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn, NY in June, 2014. This new version at CR10 will include many of the same artists with new projects and a few new artists working in the Hudson Valley.

FOODshed: Agriculture and Art in Action focuses on sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, and artists’ use of food as subject matter or medium. The exhibition features artworks and inventive projects around agriculture and food that address farming as both activism and art form. Many of the artists in this exhibition are known for bringing community-specific issues into their work and are exploring the real-world implications of small-scale farming and raising community awareness about our food systems. Their varied practices include growing food, cooking food, raising animals for food, and engaging communities around local food production as well as instigating new artist-based economies.